Tired of not getting any Job Hunt traction?

My name is Jason Humphrey And I help developers land their first high-paying job as a professional software developers

Are you frustrated with applying for job after job and never hearing back?

Or maybe you’re intimidated by technical interviews and dreading the idea of solving coding puzzles on a whiteboard?


Do you want to finally break through and as a professional software developer?


If so, Coding Career Fastlane can help.


In the last 5 years I’ve coached hundreds of bootcamp students and new software developers to fill in gaps in their technical knowledge, stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs, and confidently demonstrate their skills in their technical interview.


That’s why I created Coding Career Fastlane… a coaching community where software developers get personalized, individualized feedback and a proven approach to getting hired as a developer.


When I became a senior software developer, I quickly discovered that my true passion is seeing other developers grow and improve their skills.


So several years ago I started mentoring other new developers through one of the most popular online Bootcamp.


What I quickly realized is that my students were getting an excellent technical background—yet they often struggled to get noticed by employers after they graduated.


And when they were lucky enough to get an interview, their lack of confidence in their new skills came through loud and clear—and they got rejected.


To help my students overcome these challenges, I started working on a set of simple tools to aid their job search. And as my students put these ideas to work, they started getting hired.


The other coaches soon noticed my success as a “fixer” and started sending me their toughest cases.


I started Coding Career Fastlane as a way to reach more new developers with this proven set of principles and tools.


I’ve now mentored 1000+ new software developers. My students have landed interviews and offers at companies including, Intel, Apple, Lyft, Twilio, IBM, 3M, BBVA Bank, and GE.

What Our Students Say

"Jason's service, Coding Career Fast Lane, was integral in getting me a job. Jason exceeded my expectations time and time again and I would undoubtedly use his service again. This was truly an amazing investment, and I am so glad I found out about this service."
Software Engineer at Anna
"No matter what point you are in your readiness for an interview or for finding a career, Jason can prepare you even better. He can bring you to that next point where you don't get nervous and you seem prepared. He just makes me feel really calm. Feeling prepared and confident in yourself is worth all the money in the world."
Full-stack developer, Nerdery
"I worked with Jason for about 3 months. He provided a clear cut framework on how to take the coding knowledge that I learned, intertwined that with my background and create a pitch for myself to help me land the job I wanted. I strongly recommend working with Jason to anybody!"
Full-stack developer, Securiport

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