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My name is Jason Humphrey, I’ve helped 1,000+ coding bootcamp grads and have personally hired coding bootcamp grads. We’ve made a proven system that will get you a job.

When you paid 20 grand to go to coding bootcamp, did you think it’d be this hard to get a job?

Has anything like this happened to you recently?

🤯 You applied to a job and got rejected before talking to anyone at the company.
🧐 You get nervous about technical interviews.
😞 You tried revamping your resume a few times, but it’s still not working.

You’re not alone.

Most bootcamp grads feel this way… and if you’ve been in the job hunt for a while it takes most bootcampers more than 6 months to land anything (even contracting gigs).

If you’re wondering about what you need to do to get hired, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jason, and I help bootcampers get the jobs they want.

I spent the last 5 years coaching over 1,000 students at Thinkful and other bootcamps. I know exactly what employers are looking for in junior engineers. And if you’re feeling stuck, I can help you, too.

Job hunting in a pandemic is tough… and it’s annoying hearing your bootcamp career coach trying to tell you that “you’re just not networking enough”.

Imagine this situation:

🥳 No more nights on Leetcode, because you have someone telling you EXACTLY what to focus on.
🥰 Recruiters messaging YOU on LinkedIn asking you if you’re interested in jobs.
🤑 Looking at your bank account and seeing cash deposited now that you’re getting paid as a real software engineer.

I’m here to help you.

Are you ready to finally be a software engineer?

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What Our Students Say

"Jason's service, Coding Career Fast Lane, was integral in getting me a job. Jason exceeded my expectations time and time again and I would undoubtedly use his service again. This was truly an amazing investment, and I am so glad I found out about this service."
Software Engineer at Anna
"No matter what point you are in your readiness for an interview or for finding a career, Jason can prepare you even better. He can bring you to that next point where you don't get nervous and you seem prepared. He just makes me feel really calm. Feeling prepared and confident in yourself is worth all the money in the world."
Full-stack developer, Nerdery
"I worked with Jason for about 3 months. He provided a clear cut framework on how to take the coding knowledge that I learned, intertwined that with my background and create a pitch for myself to help me land the job I wanted. I strongly recommend working with Jason to anybody!"
Full-stack developer, Securiport

How To Get Hired With Us

Real coaching prepares you for the real thing. Interviews are hard to get and generally very stressful for everyone, but having an industry expert on your side, that will give you straight answers about your weaknesses and how you can quickly improve, will give you the edge you need to compete against thousands of other recent grads looking for their first jobs.

My coaching style is servant leadership and revolves entirely around you. Everything we do is customized and delivered to you on your terms via Zoom, phone calls, text, email, Slack or shared docs.

I’ve helped over 1000 junior developers start the careers they were always dreaming of, and you can be the next.

Accelerated Job Hunt Coaching Program

Begin Your Coding Career In The Fastlane
  • A Resume That Reliably Beats The ATS And Gets Recruiters Excited
  • Access To 100s of High Quality Job Leads On Our Custom Platform
  • The 5 Easy Daily Actions That Lead To Multiple Offers
  • Portfolio and GitHub Revamps That Prove Your Value and Stand Out
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome Quickly And Keeping The Right Mindset
  • Targeted Networking Strategies With Zero Awkwardness And Maximum Impact
  • The Negotiation Strategy You Will Use For The Rest Of Your Career
  • Mock Interview Practice Scenarios And Proven Strategies
  • 1-on-1 Computer Science tutoring and Interview Prep
  • 1-on-1 Coding and Mindset Mentorship
  • Direct Access To Multiple Experts Every Day
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