Did This Pandemic Just Kill My Chance at as Developer?

In the last few weeks, many well-known companies have initiated layoffs.

Over 24,000 of those layoffs are from 8 major companies you probably recognize.

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These numbers would scare just about anyone, especially if you’re in the job market yourself.

Eric, a junior developer I know, was looking for a job in early March right before the coronavirus hit.

He was in a panic and it wasn’t for toilet paper!

Eric said…

“I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been interviewing for over 3 months and have nothing to show for it”.

His frustration was understandable since all he had been getting were rejections.

Over 250 resumes sent out… no callbacks.

Numerous job applications… no interest.

LinkedIn, networking events, alumni groups… no leads.

Then the coronavirus hit.

He said…

“I was scared I’d never find a job, especially during this pandemic”.

Eric then reached out to me for help & career coaching.

I’m Jason Humphrey and in the last five years, I’ve coached hundreds of bootcamp students and new software developers, helping them fill the gaps in their technical knowledge.

Students who work with me stand out from other job applicants and confidently demonstrate their skills in technical interviews.

This is why Eric reached out when he started to panic.

This fear has become widespread and almost no industry is unaffected, even in technology.

People are starting to realize how hard it is to get traction in the job market.

Furthermore, job openings are disappearing.

According to a monster poll, 65% of companies have reduced their job listings.

Many in the LinkedIn community are starting to notice this and feel the impact:

Linkedin Comment

Statistics show that about 2.5% of the entire U.S. population works in the technology industry.

Multiply this by 36 million people unemployed due to the pandemic and now

900,000 people are seeking jobs

in technology.

Last year, over 37,000 people went through coding bootcamps and became new developers.

College graduates with computer science-related degrees are expected to reach 65,000 this year.

This adds up to over a million new people in the market, making the job hunt more challenging than ever.

Furthermore, there are some new trends appearing.

Automation is being used more frequently to screen 


candidates before anyone even sees a resume.

This means your resume is not getting through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), so you could be filtered out by knockout questions and frequency limits.

Most people have learned to use the “mass apply” method for their job hunt.

Also called the “spray and pray” method by some, the primary strategy is to apply for every job you see.

On average, people land 2 interviews out of every 100 applications submitted.

When you account for the increased competition in the tech industry now, statistically, this strategy won’t cut it.

Furthermore, the majority of current job seekers are new to the market, either for the first time ever or for the first time in many years.

These trends all lead to more instant rejections.

Most of the time, this is because of how your resume is written.

Resume Fail

When Eric reached out to me, I noticed he had a standard resume that listed everything he did in previous job roles – probably similar to yours.

What a resume like this lacks is the right keywords and a unified story.

He was instantly rejected numerous times and got no traction because of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that screens your resume.

Additionally, Eric’s LinkedIn profile was not optimized for advanced recruiter searches.

So, how did we solve these problems?

First, we took inventory of his skills & compared them to what the job market demanded.

Then, we minimized rejections by updating his resume to include specific market keywords and frequency limits.

We also increased the number of phone interviews received by using his story and experience to demonstrate value to the reader.

Lastly, we got more search views on Eric’s LinkedIn by using market keywords across his profile.

Within a week of completing all these updates,

Eric started receiving multiple responses.

He went from having near-zero interest from any companies to having several messages for interview requests, and even second interviews within two weeks.

Shortly after this, to his surprise, Eric had two companies compete for him to fill an entry-level coding position in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic!

After 3 months of rejection, I helped him land a job within weeks of working together.

"Jason's service, Coding Career Fast Lane, was integral in getting me a job. Admittedly, at first, I wasn't sure how effective the service would be, but Jason exceeded my expectations time and time again and I would undoubtedly use his service again. This was truly an amazing investment, and I am so glad I found out about this service."

The process I worked through with Eric is essential for a software developer’s career, especially in these difficult times.

Now, I’ve adapted that process into a step-by-step system any developer can follow.

It’s called the 10 Day Job Hunt Challenge.

10 Day Job Hunt Challenge

Here’s how it works:

You’ll receive a 10-minute video lesson and worksheet every morning.

Each lesson will contain actionable steps to help you implement a strategy proven to work in times like this, just like Eric did.

To truly stand out in this market, you’ll need to dedicate about 1 hour to the challenge each day, for 10 days.

Here's what you’ll learn during this challenge

"Jason helped me get a job one month after being laid off from my previous one. This all happened right before Christmas, which is one of the most challenging times of the year to get hired. The biggest thing Jason did for me was help rewrite my resume. This helped me gain a lot of attention, along with my LinkedIn profile"
"Jason always has something to challenge you with. Once you achieve something it's on to the next thing. He gave me a plan. He laid out what it was going to take to achieve my goals. He gave me constant encouragement and accountability to keep taking the necessary steps to achieve my next career goal!"

If you accept the challenge, your goal will be to TAKE ACTION and complete the tasks given to you each day, for 10 days starting May 25th.

Yes, there will be some prep-work.

Yes, there will be homework.

But each day you’ll be taking steps toward landing job interviews, despite this current pandemic.

Our only question for you is…

accept challenge

This 10-day Challenge is not just some course you’ll never use.

We combine the right knowledge with the nudge you need to ace your job search during a difficult time like this.

I recognize this is an investment to make, but would hate for you to miss this opportunity because you’re not sure if it will work for you.

This system has helped people find jobs already,

so here’s my offer to you:

Take the 10-day Job Hunt Challenge for a test drive.

Use my strategies to update your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn.

If our 10 day challenge doesn’t help you craft a better resume and LinkedIn within 14 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I’ll give you all your money back. This guarantee lasts a few extra days beyond the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and get 4 extra days to decide if it’s right for you.

This is a risk-free offer!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Join me in this challenge so I can help you get on the right path to your new job.


What it is like working with Coding Career Fastlane

"No matter what point you are in your readiness for an interview or for finding a career, Jason can prepare you even better. He can bring you to that next point where you don't get nervous and you seem prepared. He just makes me feel really calm. To go into your interview feeling prepared and confident in yourself is worth all the money in the world."
"I gained so much confidence that I could step into an interview or an entry-level position and succeed. He helped me learn how to get and take coding interviews less like an inquisition and more like a conversation in itself, which absolutely helped me land my current job. "
"He's adaptable in his coaching hes able to tailor his mentoring style to fit my learning styles. He doesn't leave me in the dust on anything. He's a good listener. His approach is "no-nonsense". He's really good at holding me accountable. He's been a game-changer for me."
"I worked with Jason for about 3 months. He provided a clear cut framework on how to take the coding knowledge that I learned, intertwined that with my background and create a pitch for myself to help me land the job I wanted. I strongly recommend working with Jason to anybody!"

The Challenge Start Soon

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Lock yourself in at the lower price today. 

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Be sure to create an account if you don’t already have one. 

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I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of this challenge!

Jason Humphrey

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

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