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What if you could have someone teach you everything you need to land that high paying job?

This is not some course from some wanna-be guru on social media. I'm not that "former Google employee" who's never hired anyone targeting you on Instagram about whiteboarding. This content is based on real engineering experience from working with 1,000 junior engineers and consistent results.

Why coaching? How’s that going to help me?
  • No matter where you are today, I can teach you everything you know to go from feeling like nobody’s hiring junior engineers starting with where you’re at.
  • Your coding bootcamp probably makes you wait a while before you can get help and there’s too many people to give you the attention you deserve. We won’t stop until it “clicks” for you. To the point where your imposter syndrome is gone.
  • If you’re already talking to a few companies right now, you know the game. They’re hiring one person and there’s thousands of people like you in the market right now. I’m gonna give you exactly what you need to stand out because I’m a guy who’s hired people in your shoes.

We’re in a pandemic and there’s a good chance things are gonna take another dive.

Coaching – real coaching – is practicing with you so you’re ready for a high-pressure situation regardless of the stress outside.

Coaching is me telling you straight up what I see that’s weak in you, it’s teaching you my playbook for dealing with technical questions, it’s my choreography for dancing through whiteboard problems and it’s my gameplan that you’re gonna execute before every interview to ensure the win.

My coaching style is servant leadership… everything is tailored around you and delivered to you on your terms via Zoom, phone calls, text, email, Slack or shared docs. Our plan is to develop you into an all-star.

Be First In Line When Applications Open​

No spam… I pinky promise. Everyday you’re gonna get a piece of interview wisdom… and maybe even a job lead on some days…​

I've Helped, Hired, Interviewed 1000+ Junior Engineers

"No matter what point you are in your readiness for an interview or for finding a career, Jason can prepare you even better. He can bring you to that next point where you don't get nervous and you seem prepared. He just makes me feel really calm. To go into your interview feeling prepared and confident in yourself is worth all the money in the world."
"I gained so much confidence that I could step into an interview or an entry-level position and succeed. He helped me learn how to get and take coding interviews less like an inquisition and more like a conversation in itself, which absolutely helped me land my current job. "
"I worked with Jason for about 3 months. He provided a clear cut framework on how to take the coding knowledge that I learned, intertwined that with my background and create a pitch for myself to help me land the job I wanted. I strongly recommend working with Jason to anybody!"
It’s a program that will…
  • Give you the formula for answering technical questions
  • Teach you the art of whiteboarding and use every minute on the clock and your interviewer to your advantage in a way that 90% of candidates don’t even think about
  • Make you feel like you have everything you need to be a great developer… and the real-world knowledge to back it up
  • Give you my automated tools to be the first to apply to jobs and automate applications and recruiter messages to maximize your time to where it needs to be… CODE
  • Build you a community of developers that you can talk to about your problems and just relate about this whole fucking process (...yes, I curse, but only to get the point across 😉)
  • Actually get you to the final round interview and the job offer

With my coaching, you get ALL of this, backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If I can’t drastically change your situation during the pandemic, I don’t want your money.

Applications open up on Wednesday, July 1st. Join the waitlist to be the first in line when we open.

Be First In Line When Applications Open​

No spam… I pinky promise. Everyday you’re gonna get a piece of interview wisdom… and maybe even a job lead on some days…​

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