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How To Get Hired... FAST

You want the outcome of getting a job, and we have broken it down into two paths with us.   The first path we have for you down below is the 10 Day Job Hunt Challenge, which sets you up to get more leads in your job hunt process through implementing a new strategy we teach you from scratch.    The other path is the Accelerated Job Hunt Program, which will take you through everything from start to finish did you need along with coaching, mock interviews, custom job hunt plan, just to name a few things.    If you’re questioning which one you’re more interested in think about it from this perspective, would you like the guidance to do it on your own, or do you want us to coach you through it?

Accelerated Job Hunt

  • Are you not getting any calls back for an interview in this market?
  • ​Are you a job seeker not getting any traction during the coronavirus?
  • ​Are you tired of doing it all on your own with no results?
  • ​Are you struggling to grow technically in your career as developer?
  • ​Do you really want a promotion in the next year despite the market downturn?
  • ​​Are you feeling underpaid and want to ask for more money?

10 Day Job Hunt Challenge

  • Get your name in front of the hiring manager and gain attention from recruiters by optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how your resume can bypass the automated system and get in the hands of real people
  • Find out what hiring managers and recruiters are really looking at in your portfolio
  • Learn exactly what to say to anyone you come across in your job search
  • Learn what skills your market is demanding thru a market analysis 2.0

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