How to Stay Motivated as a Developer

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How to Stay Motivated as a Developer

Nothing is more discouraging than pouring time and effort into code that never seems to work.


I want to show you how to conquer this frustration and stay motivated toward your goals, even when it seems like everything is going wrong.


How to Stay Motivated

  1. 1. Join a Community

One of the best things you can do is join a community. Find a community within your areas of interest. Get together with like-minded people working towards the same goals you are.


This is a great way to stay motivated because of how refreshing and revitalizing it is to see that there are so many other people thinking and doing the same things.


And don’t forget – look for your niche. It exists!


  1. 2. Leap into the Unknown

When things get boring, don’t be afraid to jump into the deep end into something unknown. 


Tech is always changing, and sometimes the best thing to do is find your boundaries and push them.


Learning the Go language over a weekend for fun, just to build a badass CLI tool because it sounds epic, but you have no idea how to do it, that could be a very beneficial idea for sparking your motivation.


Consider this. 


I came home one night from the casino and couldn’t stop thinking about roulette. I’m always losing at roulette, but it’s still fun for me. When I got home, I built a roulette simulator, because I realized I needed something to motivate me. And this small side project did just the trick.


  1. 3. Team Up

Teaming up can be so helpful on a project or opensource project – collaborating on a common goal. Think about a group of 2-3 people, dedicated to the same goal. Powerful for motivation.


Don’t think of this as an entire group checking things out or a side project you do on your own, but rather this is specific to a small group of people all working on the same project or end goal.


  1. 4. Find a Mentor

Ultimately we all want results. When your motivation is waning, it’s generally from the failure you’re experiencing due to burnout, confidence issues, or a lot of things creeping in at once.


Find a mentor who has been where you want to be. Having been there before, they can show you a plan right away. It’s revitalizing to see a plan pointing towards exactly where you want to go.


  1. 5. Work-Life Balance

Don’t let one side drag you down more than the other. Find that balance of work and time, because it will be easier to stay motivated.

If you can walk that line, right down the middle, great. Just know that the line will shift for different people. For me, I’d rather work all the time and have less of a life balance – but that’s just personal preference. Find what works for you.


  1. 6. Find a Fun Side Project

A great place for that is new ideas and startups. AI, VR, and the tech industry, in general, is just booming with new ideas.


Find something that’s fun, a hobby of yours that interests you.


Now, this tip fits with all the others but is also a bit different. 


It’s like you’re at the ice cream store indulging in a whole pint of ice cream.


You’re indulging in something that truly interests you outside of your goals. You’ll be motivated because of how hard it is or how interesting it is to you.


The thing is, the problems you encounter will get tougher as you keep coding in your career. It’s inevitable.


My recommendations to you are geared toward building a network because it’s one of the easiest ways to stay motivated as a developer. And it’s something I’ve seen stay true over the years – if you can find your network, motivation comes a bit easier.


At times, it may seem impossible to find your motivation. If you feel this way, I encourage you to try some of the things mentioned above. And if you want help staying motivated as a dev, please reach out! 


Check out our accompanying video here:

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