Is A LinkedIn Premium Account Worth It For Software Engineering Job Seekers?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it for software engineers
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Do you use LinkedIn on a daily basis? You’re probably adding people you know, checking your feed, leaving comments, and submitting original material, right?

This is a good strategy for networking, building your personal brand, getting your resume out there, and moving on from your current job. But you may be wondering, how do you go further and stand out from many users on the platform all doing the same things?

The good news is that is where LinkedIn Premium comes in, and can help you take your LinkedIn job search to the next level.

“Is LinkedIn Premium a worthwhile investment?” is a question that naturally springs to mind when considering 39% of LinkedIn users use Premium. The rest of this article will evaluate why this number keeps growing.

Is LinkedIn worth it for software engineers?

The majority of recent coding bootcamp and college graduates make connections, find their initial employment opportunities, and begin their professional careers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn isn’t without its flaws, but if you want to find a job in 2021, you’ll probably need to spend some time on LinkedIn almost every day.

LinkedIn is more than just a place to network. For some users, it’s the key to a great job search that leads to a dream job. Jason Humphrey has helped thousands of bootcamp grads get their first jobs in the industry, so he know how to use LinkedIn to find a high paying and rewarding job. Check out the video below before you dig into this article.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a monthly service that may help you grow your professional presence on the internet. LinkedIn has less advertising and is more appealing to members, especially those seeking to discover their next job (or get out of their current one), find job postings, manage a professional online presence, obtain salary data, research businesses, and stand out from other applicants

They currently have a number of premium versions. Premium Career for jobseekers, Recruiter Lite, Premium Business for business development professionals, and Sales Navigator which provides advanced search filters. Each one takes the social media platform to a new level beyond the free tier. They all provide features tailored to build a network and provide benefits based on specific user needs.

This article will cover LinkedIn Premium for job seekers.

Some of the features that make LinkedIn Premium worth it:

InMail credits

  • InMail Messages can help you connect with hiring managers.
  • Show your interest in an open role with InMail. It’s 2.6x more effective than emails alone.

Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Turn LinkedIn Profile views into opportunities.
  • See who’s viewed your profile over the last 90 days, and who looks next.

LinkedIn Learning courses

  • Sharpen your skills. Hone your skills or try something new.
  • Access over 15,000 expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses.

From the LinkedIn Premium official site

What are some of the best LinkedIn Premium features And benefits?

LinkedIn has a slew of features to offer access that expand your efforts on the social media platform, even with people you haven’t previously connected with. Messaging is one of Premium Career’s perks, but there are features for segmentation, LinkedIn Learning, project ideas, and other kinds of job search help that can assist you in getting recommendations. Even just having the icon that shows you as a premium user will show recruiters and hiring managers you are a serious candidate.

Extra LinkedIn InMail Credits

This benefit alone can make LinkedIn Premium worth it for some job seekers. Premium Career includes InMail credits, profile views data, and additional job information, in addition to Premium Core. Premium Core gives you access to an unlimited number of searches.

With LinkedIn Premium Career you can send up to 3 InMail messages each month, and LinkedIn Premium Business gets you up to 15 InMail messages each month.

See Who Looks at Your Profile

You’ll be able to know who is viewing your profile when you join LinkedIn Premium. This is great when you’re trying to connect interested recruiters and hiring managers through LinkedIn.

Even after you’ve stopped looking for work, connecting with individuals who work in your field may provide a number of advantages.

What’s more, looking at who’s viewed your profile gives you an idea of where to start when you’re building your network for your next career pivot.

LinkedIn Premium Learning Courses

LinkedIn provides their own learning courses that are relevant to job seekers. These affordably priced educational opportunities are all online and self-paced. The cost to create them was split between LinkedIn and Microsoft, with LinkedIn footing the majority of the bill for this for its members. They not only include business skills but technical ones as well such as software development and courses on data science.

This premium feature also offers evergreen career advice and updates from experts on topics like: building a social media presence, overcoming impostor syndrome, and improving your resume if that’s what you need help with .

LinkedIn Premium Salary IQ Data on jobs

In all versions of LinkedIn Premium, you can get insights into how much money they stand to make when researching companies through LinkedIn Salary Insights.

Get access to more detailed search metrics

LinkedIn Premium offers accurate counts on how many people search for you and the number of times your profile is viewed from search results. The Applicant Inspiration features give you a look into how a prospective employer views you and whether or not you appear qualified for a position.

These features can help save time when a job seeker needs to research companies. Premium members get access to data related to specific information on key business areas, including headcount growth, geographic expansion, turnover, and other data important for competitive analysis.

Be a featured applicant

As a Premium Career member, you may apply to open positions as a Featured Applicant. This is one of the best perks you get when you apply to jobs on LinkedIn as a premium member.

Check the “Featured Applying” section at the bottom of the job search page. Your job application will be highlighted to companies and pinned to the top of their list of applicants to get their attention.

This increases the chance that your resume gets passed the ATS or Applicant Tracking System associated with the job application and will be seen by managers on job listings. This helps your resume stand out from most people who applied to the same jobs.

Get information about your competition

LinkedIn Premium features can also assist job applicants in comparing themselves to other candidates, giving them data on other applicants who have applied to the current position that they are interested in.

You can see how many people applied for the job you are interested in. You can also see if they have skills listed on their LinkedIn profiles that you do not have.

Who subscribes to LinkedIn Premium?

Most LinkedIn Premium members are based in the United States of America, and nearly 40% of LinkedIn’s nearly 600 million users subscribe to the Premium service. With more than 95% of professional recruiters using LinkedIn daily, it is safe to assume most of them are Premium Members.

This also means the number of premium users is larger than the total number of many other social networks.

What does LinkedIn Premium cost?

LinkedIn Premium has four levels available from $29.99 for LinkedIn Career, $59.99 a month for hiring professionals, and the price gets even higher for premium services like Sales Navigator used by sales professionals.

The Basic version of LinkedIn Premium is called Career, and is for people looking for jobs and researching businesses. It has 3 InMails per month.

LinkedIn Premium Business is the second level of membership. The Premium Business plan provides up to 15 InMail messages with sophisticated search criteria, unlimited people and business searches, and more comprehensive company data.

The monthly cost of Recruiter Lite is $19.95, but there are small reductions for annual plans. All Premium tiers are available for a free demo month at no cost.

Why should I invest in LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is here to help with your advancement at any level and find the job. Even if you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium and have access to unlimited searches, If you don’t make progress creating strong connections after a few months, or your LinkedIn profile or messaging isn’t working, it’s possible that you’ll need to do much more on the site (and maybe stay off Facebook).

Investing In LinkedIn Premium is essentially investing in yourself, but there’s more to it than paying some money each month and using every connection request. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and create a portfolio filled with good coding projects, and you will succeed.

When job searching and conducting more targeted professional networking, LinkedIn Premium accounts are becoming increasingly crucial.

Paying For LinkedIn Premium Can Be Very Useful For The Career Development Of Job Seekers

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for getting a new job and exchanging ideas with other people in your industry, and LinkedIn Premium plans and advanced features are increasingly important for job seekers to pay attention to.

If you are still asking “is LinkedIn Premium worth it,” you might need to spend more time on the free tier of the social media platform before you truly see how it can help you optimize your resume, grow your network of connections and increase your chances of finding great jobs in any industry.

For professionals, it’s sometimes crucial to use every tool at their disposal to create a resume and get a new job, or make a career switch, and LinkedIn Premium gives them many tools they would normally never have access to on their own.

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